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Created in 2014, VIPA International, the Vacuum Insulation Panel Association, represents manufacturers and suppliers all around the world. The association is also open to academic institutions and other like-minded associations.

As a global trade association, VIPA International’s priorities are to promote quality (read more about co-operation agreement with the GSH on the RAL VIP quality label: http://vipa-international.org/news/vipa-international-reaffirms-commitment-to-quality-by-signing-an-agreement-on-the-usage-of-the-ral-vip-quality-mark-25-oct-2016), raise awareness to the technology (see video published last year http://vipa-international.org/news/new-video-about-the-vacuum-insulation-panels-industry-available-13-september-2018) and accelerate the market uptake of VIPs. The association financed a number of technical studies about VP technology and its usage in different applications (see list of studies http://vipa-international.org/science-on-vip). VIPA International and its members are also active members in different standard setting organisations in Europe and at global level like CEN and ISO.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, the board of VIPA International is working on different projects including our next conference early 2020 with invited speakers (read more about our 2018 conference here http://vipa-international.org/news/full-potential-of-vacuum-insulation-panels-still-unknown-by-professionals-in-the-building-sector-4-october-2018). We encourage other industry players to get involved and to join us in shaping the progress and growth of our technology.

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Asahi Fiber Glass offers glass wool thermal insulations and building material products that help create comfortable and highly energy-efficient spaces and that conserve the global environment, as well as leading-edge materials for automobiles and electric machinery for example Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). VIPs typically capitalize on vacuum technology for boosting thermal insulation performance by creating a vacuum condition around the insulator and lowering the air thermal conductivity to a near-zero level. Our product adopts glass wool specially developed for vacuum insulators to further enhance thermal insulation performance.

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