- IVIS2021: September 16-17, 2021, in London, UK, hosted by Brunel University London ・


Kyoto is an ancient capital, more than 1,200 years old. Hopefully, the participants will enjoy not only its historical buildings such as temples and shrines but also the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding the city. Autumn is one of the best seasons in Kyoto. The venue of the conference will be at Kyoto Research Park. As well known, Kyoto is 30 minutes by train from Osaka and 1.5 hours by limited express from Kansai international airport (KIX). Kyoto offers many hotels and various sightseeing spots. Here, we would like to welcome the 14th IVIS and its participation.

Organized by Kindai University, this two-day event fosters dialogue among scientists, academics and professionals from all around the world who are related to the research, development and production of Super Insulating Materials (SIM). IVIS 2019 will promote the co-operations between manufacturers and researchers and between western and eastern.

Scope of IVIS 2019

IVIS 2019 encourages participation of researchers and suppliers of VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panels) and APM (Advanced Porous Materials) in building, refrigeration and cryogenic applications at a world-wide scale. Interested participants can submit papers related to the following ten topics:

  1. 1 : Characterization (microstructure, thermal characteristics, internal pressure, air permeability,
    gas diffusion, ad/desorption ...)
  2. 2 : Heat, air & moisture transfer, from material to building scale
  3. 3 : Ageing(film, core material, panel)
  4. 4 : Envelope - Films
  5. 5 : Advanced porous materials - Core materials (fiber mats, cellular foams, aerogel, porous silica…)
  6. 6 : Life cycle assessment
  7. 7 : Applications: building, refrigeration, transportation
  8. 8 : Assessment of performances & standardization
  9. 9 : Hot and humid climate
  10. 10 : Arctic climate

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